All courses and workshops required for the Recognition of Excellence in Talent Development will be available online. No out-of-state tuition will be required for completion of these courses/workshops. Typically, these classes have no additional technology fees. Current information about university tuition is available at

Participants begin the concentration by taking any of the Core Courses required to better understand children who demonstrate above-average abilities and require appropriate catalysts to develop talent commensurate with potential. A total of 12 hours must be completed within the core requirements.

Course Name Semester Hours
Introduction to Educating Gifted Students
Psychology of Giftedness
Identification of Students for Gifted Programs 3
Curriculum Concepts for Gifted Students
Program Models in Gifted Education
Academic Acceleration 3

Participants select a minimum of 4 semester hours of Electives from the approved courses that will enhance their professional knowledge and skills. Different options are available each semester, fall, spring, and summer. The current list of options can be viewed at

Course Name Semester Hours
Counseling and Psychological Needs of Gifted Students 1
Cognitive and Affective Needs of Gifted Students 1
Ethnic and Cultural Issues and Giftedness 1
Gender Issues and Giftedness 1
Special Readings and Projects *
(*content for Special Readings varies by semester; may be taken a maximum of 2 times for the Certificate)
Differentiated Instruction for the Gifted 1
Differentiation at the Secondary Level 1
Math Programming for High-Ability Students 1
Programming/Curriculum for High-Ability Students 1
Topics in Teaching and Learning*
(*content for Topics varies by semester; may be taken for a maximum of 2 semester hours for the Certificate)
1 or 2
Administrative and Policy Issues in Gifted Education 2
Current Readings and Research in Gifted Education 1
Global Trends in Talent Development 1
Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank Fellowship Program in Gifted Education (available only on campus; applications accepted every February) 2

Additional courses and workshops may be added as electives, and face-to-face workshops may be accepted for the Global Professional Development concentration if participants have the opportunity to attend classes provided by Belin-Blank Center faculty. If participants have completed semester hours in the field of gifted education from other colleges/universities, the Belin-Blank Center will consider requests to accept a maximum of six (6) semester hours.