High School

The Iowa Online AP Academy does not set strict limits on the number of courses an individual student can take. However, we encourage students to carefully consider their time constraints and ability to work independently before committing to more than one or two courses at once.

It is important for schools, students, and parents to make a commitment when a student is enrolled in an online course. As you enroll students, please:

  • Consider student level of comfort with online work and particular learning style. Complete the Student Readiness Checklist (Appendix D in the Mentor Handbook) with each student.
  • Consider student schedule limitations (each AP course requires class time and 10-15 hours of additional work weekly). The most frequent reason for dropping a course is over-commitment!

Middle School

Middle school teachers and students should consider future courses as they select an IOAPA course. For instance, if the student’s online biology course is counted for high school credit, they may need to substitute a different science course for biology when they reach high school. Likewise, students should consider future plans for AP courses in these subject areas.

Before registering, middle school students should take an above-level exam to determine eligibility (e.g, I-Excel for 6th-graders or ACT for 7th- and 8th-graders). For eligibility guidelines, refer to Requirements. Above-level testing can be arranged through the Belin-Blank Center, and funding may be available; visit belinblank.org/inschooltesting.

Getting Started: 4. Register your school