Belin-Blank Fellowship

The Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity for teachers to learn more about the area of gifted education. Its purpose is to help teachers learn better methods for working with gifted children in their classrooms. The program is designed to:

  • help teachers provide appropriate education for gifted students;
  • develop in students a heightened sense of social responsibility in the use of their talents
  • provide leadership in gifted education.

The specific goals of the Belin-Blank Fellowship program are to help participants:

  • Learn effective new ways to recognize gifted/talented students and meet their unique affective needs.
  • Enhance their abilities to meet the different academic needs of gifted/talented students.
  • Act as an effective resource in gifted education for other educators in their schools and districts.
  • Review their new knowledge and skills for applications to ALL youngsters in their classes.
  • Nurture the sense of social responsibility in the use and development of talents among gifted students.

Fellowship Brochure

Fellowship Brochure