Does your child need some additional challenge beyond the traditional school curriculum? Are they passionately interested in a particular topic? Would they like a chance to meet other like-minded kids? Our Weekend Enrichment program is designed to supplement what elementary and junior high students are learning in school and give them a chance to explore their interests - or discover new ones!

About the Program

Weekend Enrichment consists of half-day enrichment opportunities for elementary and junior high students (grades 2-8) that take place at the Belin-Blank Center on the University of Iowa campus. Classes in STEM, arts, and the humanities will cultivate students’ interest and spark their curiosity! Students do not have to be in a gifted and talented program to participate in Weekend Enrichment.

Weekend Enrichment classes will resume in Fall 2023.

Stay tuned for course offerings.

The Weekend Enrichment program is designed to challenge students in their areas of interest and strength. Students are introduced to advanced level topics and other bright kids their age. Class sizes are small, and they take place on the University of Iowa campus, giving your child access to valuable university resources and experts. Our instructors are vetted professionals, including classroom teachers, local artists, graduate students, and professors who have the expertise to delve into a subject at an advanced level, while keeping it accessible for the age group.

I loved the classes and making new friends that shared the same academic interests as me.

Weekend Enrichment Student

Example Classes

Past Weekend Enrichment classes have included:


Grades 2-4

Are you interested in visual storytelling with a technology twist? Join stop motion animation to develop a story through the placement of objects or characters! Stop motion animation is when a story is told through a succession of specially sequenced images. Objects are incrementally moved and photographed on a background, where then the images are later sequenced together rapidly, creating the illusion of movement. Intro to Stop Motion uses, and creating a video. Use your imagination to captivate your audience, and engage with a new way to tell a story!


Creative Writing

Grades 2-4

Are you looking for new ways to spice up your story telling? Express your thoughts through poetry, or prose? Expand on the ideas you have swirling in your brain?! 

During this class you will use imagination and innovation to develop and craft new ideas through storytelling. We will focus on various ways to assemble ideas using picture imagery and perspective. In addition, you will use forms of descriptive language to evoke an emotional impact on your reading audience. You will look through the lenses of multiple storytelling perspectives, to convey the thoughts, feelings, and actions of your characters. Be ready to go on an imaginative journey and generate and construct new writing to share with the world!



Grades 4-6

What is bubbleology? It is the study of bubbles, of course! Explore the science concepts of surface tension, properties of matter, air pressure, and chemical composition, as well as the math ideas of surface area, diameter, radius, and volume, with simple soap bubbles. Through observation, measuring, and experimentation, Bubbleologists will extend their play into thinking about the science behind bubbles, as well as be challenged to discover the properties of bubbles through engaging experiments.


Writing Detectives

Grades 4-6

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an investigative reporter? Come find out as we put our writing and detective skills to the test! Students will analyze clues, evaluate evidence and work together to solve, and write about mysteries. Grab your magnifying glass and come join us!

Mixed Media Workshop

Grades 6-8

Students will learn a variety of techniques for creating projects from start to finish! Techniques for image transfer, enlarging and combining media to create finished works. Students will create 1-3 finished projects depending on the scope of their ideas. 2-D and 3-D mediums will be explored.


Visualizing Mathematics

Grades 6-8

In this course, students will experience math concepts in more visual forms. They will connect the things they see every day to the world of math as well as express their understanding of math concepts through art and pictures. Math can be challenging to visualize as concepts get more abstract. Skills learned in this course will help students to conceptualize abstract concepts and algebra through tangible pictures. Students will draw, construct and photograph. They will work individually, in groups and as a whole class. This class is well suited towards students looking for a hands-on approach to math. All artistic abilities welcome! 

How to Register

Want to join us? We're here to help with all the information you will need in order to register.


Any student who is currently in 2nd-8th grades is eligible to apply for Weekend Enrichment. They do not need to be in a talented and gifted program to apply. Qualified students will show a high level of interest in the topic, motivation to learn, and ability to positively contribute to a classroom environment.

Registration Process

Here's how to apply:

  1. Identify one or more classes that are a good fit for your student’s academic strengths and interests. Classes should be selected based on the student's grade during the current academic year.
  2. Complete a registration form for each selected class.
  3. If there are more eligible students than seats in a class, then students will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis and a waitlist will be generated for the class.
  4. Submit payment.

After You've Registered

Get ready for lots of learning and tons of fun! Here you can find answers to all the questions you may have while making your plans to join us.

Cost & Financial Aid


Each student will pay a program fee of $65 per class. If your student registers for both a morning and an afternoon class, the total cost is $130. Please note the fee for Weekend Enrichment is not eligible for tax credits or other pretax reimbursements because it is an educational rather than a child care program.

Payment Deadlines

You must pay in full by the day of your student's class in order to participate in Weekend Enrichment. All fees are payable to the Belin-Blank Center.

Financial Aid

You may apply for financial aid when you register your student for the program. Information including father/mother salary, enrollment in free/reduced lunch, or other federal or state assistance programs will be collected at that time. Those that apply for financial aid will initially only be charged half the cost of the program. However, after your information has been reviewed, a decision will be made, and you will receive an email regarding the amount of your award. Financial aid is awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, while funds are available.


Morning classes will meet from 9:00–12:00 and afternoon classes will meet from 1:00–4:00. While students may register for both a morning class and an afternoon class, please note that lunch supervision will not be provided between the morning and afternoon sessions.


Weekend Enrichment takes place at the Blank Honors Center on the University of Iowa campus.

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