As educators, you are the guiding light for students making their way through the educational landscape. Educators have the power to inspire, motivate, support, and nurture. The Belin-Blank Center understands the pivotal role you play in the lives of the students you serve. We are here to support your work through coursework and other professional learning opportunities for educators, programming and enrichment, and research and resources for your school's administration. 

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This was incredibly valuable and worthwhile and I am so excited to use the methods and strategies I learned with my gifted students.

Professional Learning

The Belin-Blank Center is committed to supporting your professional learning needs throughout the year!  We offer classes in a variety of formats, for those making progress toward their State of Iowa Talented and Gifted Endorsement, maintaining their license requirements, or pursuing career advancement through a variety of online and on-site courses and workshops or Iowa Licensure Renewal Units. All of our classes are aligned with national standards in gifted education, including the Pre-K to Grade 12 Gifted Education Programming Standards (essential to ensure best practices in our programs) and the Teacher Preparation Standards in Gifted Education (guiding professional learning goals as beginners—or as practicing professionals).

TAG Endorsement

When you pursue your TAG Endorsement through the Belin-Blank Center, you will benefit from the state's most flexible and varied set of course options, instruction by world-class leaders in the field at the state's center for gifted education, and a program that complies with national standards. We offer an array of opportunities to ensure that anyone new to gifted education can begin their position with confidence, and to allow the most experienced teacher of the gifted to choose from the wide variety of choices that we offer, strengthening gifted programs in the school and/or the district. Learn more.

Graduate Certificate in Talent Development - New

The Graduate Certificate in Talent Development provides a synthesis of theory and multiple perspectives regarding the concept of talent development. To attain multiple perspectives, elective coursework that spans a variety of colleges and departments is complemented by the eligibility of students across fields to register. The culminating Capstone Exploration project allows for a learning experience driven by individual interest. Learn more.

Belin-Blank Fellowship

The Belin-Blank Fellowship Program is a unique opportunity for a select number of teachers, nominated by their schools, to receive specialized training in gifted education through a summer residential fellowship on the campus of the University of Iowa. The Belin-Blank Fellowship aims to better prepare teachers (new to gifted education - TAG) to meet the needs of their talented students as well as develop their potential.Learn more.

AP® Summer Institute

Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses introduce high school students to academically challenging material and then give them an opportunity to earn college credit by taking AP® exams. The AP® Summer Institute (APSI) prepares teachers to develop and teach an AP® course, introduce one into their school, or simply improve their skills in teaching advanced courses. Learn more.


FLOW experiences use the webinar format to engage educators with the most relevant issues in serving the needs of talented and gifted students in a convenient setting. Learn more.

Honors Opportunity Program

The Honors Opportunity Program (HOP) is the Honors in the Major program for the College of Education. It offers a plan of study rooted in scholarship, research, and practice leading to graduation with Honors.Learn more.

Teaching Opportunities

The Belin-Blank Center seeks educators to fill teaching positions for our student programs. These programs offer the opportunity to explore your passions through flexible, innovative teaching, with bright, engaged students who love to learn. If you are interested in being considered to teach in our student programs, please send a resume and cover letter to


Beyond programming, the Belin-Blank Center supports many resources to help educators and families understand and stay connected with what is happening in the world of gifted education.

Acceleration Institute

The Acceleration Institute website houses information and resources about academic acceleration. Educators, parents, policymakers, and researchers can find many appropriate resources pertinent to their needs. Learn more. 

Gifted Teachers' Listserv

The Belin-Blank Center hosts an email listserv for educators focused on gifted education, with over 1,200 people giving and receiving useful information. Examples of discussions include favorite TED talks to show students, assessing Algebra I readiness, book recommendations, gifted standards report cards, and identification for creativity and leadership. Ready to sign up? Send an email to LISTSERV@LIST.UIOWA.EDU and, in the text of your message (not the subject line), write: SUBSCRIBE GIFTED-TEACHERS First-Name Last-Name.

Iowa AP® Index

The Iowa AP® Index serves to recognize the Top 50 Iowa accredited public and nonpublic high schools for providing Advanced Placement® (AP®) opportunities to Iowa’s high school students. Learn more.

Belin Research Library

The Belin-Blank Center houses an extensive collection of educational books and periodicals geared specifically toward gifted education and talent development. Please contact the Belin-Blank Center for more information.