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Our Students Say...

  • "The Bucksbaum Academy was a catalyst in my development academically, but also opened the door for personal and social development as well."

    Austin - enrolled at 16 in Computer Science
  • "Choosing to be a part of this program was definitely the right thing to do. I have been able to extend my professional experiences and take part in things that were simply unavailable for high school students. I am much farther ahead in my education compared to where I would have been."

    Kolten - enrolled at 16 from Iowa
  • "Being a member of the Bucksbaum Academy gave me the opportunity to learn in an environment I felt motivated to engage in and the encouragement that built my self-confidence over the past two years."

    Ava - enrolled at 17 from Illinois
  • "I'm so grateful to be here for the new people, new experiences, and the profound growth I've experienced in myself."

    Shayla - enrolled at 17 from Florida
  • "Being an early-entrance academy student has been so wonderful and helpful to me this year. I've grown so much socially, academically, and personally."

    Kelsey - enrolled at 17 in English
  • "Coming into the Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy was the best decision of my life."

    Keishanique - enrolled at 16 in Engineering

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