Graduate Certificate in Talent Development

Graduate Certificate in Talent Development

The College of Education’s Belin-Blank Center has been committed to providing professional development for educators and schools through offering a variety of classes and workshops in gifted and talent development for decades. It seemed natural that we develop a graduate certificate that trains professionals across fields to develop talent among artists, athletes, business leaders, musicians, and STEM, to name a few. The Graduate Certificate in Talent Development is intended to be a comprehensive and specialized study that is aligned with a more concerted focus on the current thinking of reaching equity through talent development.

The Graduate Certificate in Talent Development is available to both degree-seeking and non-degree seeking (i.e., certificate-only) students from any UI program or department, as well as full-time professionals. It requires fourteen semester hours for completion. While it can be completed 100% online, it is set-up through the University of Iowa so students may take up to four semester hours (per semester) on-campus.

Specific learner outcomes are:

  • understand the concept of talent development, the theoretical framework of talent development, and models and strategies that promote talent development,
  • explore current topics and issues related to talent development specifically those related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and
  • develop an interest-based project, presentation, and report related to talent development.

An overall message embedded in the Graduate Certificate in Talent Development is that talent needs be recognized and fostered.

To earn a Graduate Certificate in Talent Development, a student must complete 14 semester hours. There are two required courses, two elective courses, and the culminating independent Capstone Exploration. The elective courses may be taken through UI Departments outside the College of Education.

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