July 7-26, 2019

Students in grades 9-12 (current academic year) may apply for the Summer Art Residency (SAR), an immersive 3–week residency at The University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center. Learn from world-class faculty on one of the premier arts campuses in the US. Participate in classes, workshops, evening tours, lectures, and events that will stretch you as an artist. The residency concludes with an art and reading showcase. Priority will be given to students who have participated in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

You may only attend SAR once.


The Summer Art Residency (SAR) is a unique opportunity to work with world-class faculty in a world-class facility. SAR consists of lectures, open class discussions, workshops, and studio time involving a range of expressive opportunities. Each day includes a drawing class addressing the formal and conceptual bases of drawing and contemporary approaches to effective visual communication. You will also choose from one of the following electives: painting, graphic design, printmaking, or metals. Introduction to history, aesthetics, and practice of the fine arts includes demonstrations, workshops, critiques, and a final portfolio.

SAR Closing Ceremony


The School of Art and Art History, under the Direction of Steve McGuire, is partnering with the Belin-Blank Center to provide an exciting program designed for talented high school artists from across the country. Instructors include University of Iowa faculty, graduates, and graduate students from the School of Art & Art History, and special visiting artists.

Jamie Boling photo

Jamie Boling, Graphic Design Instructor

I make work that captures and catalogues both penetrating and fugitive moments of my cultural experience. I am guided by the belief that the sensational can sometimes provide profound insights into human nature that lie beyond surface provocation. Mine is an American daydream that embraces humor and often reveals dystopian visions of a media-saturated culture.

Hannah Dufie Sakyiama photo

Hannah Dufie Sakyiama, Metal Arts Instructor

Dufie is an artists who has been attached to the Jewelry and Metalsmith aspect of art for the past eight years. Known for exploring the flexibility of metals, her principal theme is life, particularly life’s beautiful fragrance. Her optimistic and open-minded perspective allows her to discuss life’s surprises and realities using metals as a medium. Dufie hails from Ghana where she earned her degree in Industrial Art (Metals) and is currently in the Jewelry and Metal Arts graduate program at Iowa.

Jacob Lee photo

Jacob Lee, Printmaking Instructor

Raised in Kentucky outside of a military instillation by his mother and grandmother, Jacob became a soldier at 17. His work explores his experiences in the military service as a young adult. His exposure to toy guns, plastic army men, and GI Joes as a child shaped the soldier as an icon, a figure he idolized. After earning his BFA (Magna Cum Laude) in Printmaking from the University of Kentucky, Jacob came to the University of Iowa in 2017 to earn his MFA. He has taught Elements of Drawing and Elements of Print in his time here.

Hannah Dufie Sakyiama photo

Nina Kintsurashvili, Painting Instructor

Born in the country of Georgia, Nina is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Iowa. After graduating from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, where she received traditional, academic training in painting, Nina became interested in different materials and media such as sound art, video, performance and sculpture. Her work is an exploration of female roles in a society, human forms, and reflections on her childhood in early post-soviet Georgia. A Fulbright Scholar, Nina is an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa.