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Credit, Tuition, and Fees
As of June, 2018, tuition is $324 per semester hour for those registered as undergraduate students and $544 for those registered as graduate students. Students will be billed for tuition and course materials by the University of Iowa following class registration; students will receive e-mail notification when their bills are available. Some workshops require textbooks or other materials that may be purchased from local vendors or online. Additional fees may apply.

Those taking the coursework that is approved for State of Iowa Talented and Gifted Endorsement will be assessed a $75 fee when they enroll in their second class (degree seeking students are assessed $225 the first time they enroll). This feel will cover all transcripts you need to order in the future from the University of Iowa, as well as late fees for enrolling a day or two late in classes. For more information, visit

Coursework for Endorsement

The University of Iowa will not mail paper copies of University Bills (U-Bills) to students. Instead, students will receive e-mail notification when their U-Bills are available for review and payment through MyUI. E-mail notifications will be sent to students' University e-mail addresses ( Students will be responsible for reviewing their U-Bills and making sure their bills are paid.

Enrollment in each workshop is limited. You do not have to be a regularly enrolled student at The University of Iowa, nor do you need to apply for formal admission to the University, in order to register for these workshops. Please note: Workshops are subject to cancellation if enrollments are insufficient.

To register for classes, visit Distance and Online Education.

For questions about registration, please contact

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