Belin-Blank Talent Development Fellowship

We've learned through decades of experience that the most effective way to ensure meaningful education for talented students is to provide a special program that develops these skills in classroom teachers. These teachers build the knowledge to both work with talented students and provide leadership for other teachers. There are many approaches to professional learning in gifted education, but no program provides the intensive individualized approach of our fellowship program. The Belin-Blank Talent Development Fellowship Program makes it possible for a small group of teachers, nominated by their schools, to receive specialized training in meeting the needs of talented students.

About the Program

The Fellowship is a unique opportunity for educators to learn more about gifted education and developing talent. Its purpose is to help teachers learn better methods for working with talented children in their classrooms. The program is designed to help educators provide an appropriate program for talented students, develop a heightened sense of social responsibility in how students use their talents, and provide leadership in gifted education. If you know an educator with little to no experience in meeting the needs of advanced learners, please send them this page or our brochure.

The Belin-Blank Fellowship Program is residential and will take place in the Blank Honors Center (at the University of Iowa) from July 14 – 18, 2024.

Application Opens - February 1
Application Closes - April 1

The specific goals of the Belin-Blank Fellowship Program are to help participants:

  • Learn effective new ways to recognize gifted/talented students and meet their unique affective needs;
  • Enhance their abilities to meet the different academic needs of gifted/talented students;
  • Act as an effective resource in gifted education for other educators in their schools and districts;
  • Review their new knowledge and skills for applications to ALL youngsters in their classes;
  • Nurture the sense of social responsibility in the use and development of talents among gifted students.

Fellowship holders will be expected to:

  • Complete all preliminary writing assignments and readings required by the instructor;
  • Organize and/or support research that is designed to enhance his/her own teaching and further the goals of the Belin-Blank Fellowship Program;
  • Make her/his classroom available to colleagues, administrators, and other educators for observations of new strategies;
  • Plan and implement new ideas and instructional techniques for gifted students in his or her classroom;
  • Lead others in the district to help develop a greater understanding of gifted students;
  • Educate others by providing substantive in-services supporting the needs of gifted learners in the district;
  • Try to keep current on new literature and developments in gifted education;
  • Enjoy the full four days of the Fellowship experience!

This experience will certainly allow me to begin the next step of my career with knowledge and confidence. The Belin-Blank Fellowship is a game changer for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Belin Fellow

How to Apply

The application process is straightforward. Here's all the information you'll need to submit your application.

All application materials must be submitted online by April 1, 5PM CST. 

Here's how to apply:

  1. Complete the online application. The link is found on the Belin-Blank Talent Development website.
  2. Provide an administrator email address so the Belin-Blank Center can send them a recommendation form. By completing the recommendation form, the administrator is agreeing to pay the fee to help defray costs. In addition, hopefully, administrators of the Fellows will provide time over the course of the school year to share their learning with others and foster additional professional learning in gifted and talented education (including the annual state conference).

The Belin-Blank Center will evaluate completed candidate applications and administrator recommendation forms. Preference is given to Iowa educators who have received little to no training in meeting the needs of talented students. Final decisions will be made on or before May 15 and accepted Fellows will be notified via email.

Apply Now

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After You're Accepted

Be prepared for the Belin-Blank Fellowship program to energize and excite you about the education of gifted and talented students! Here are all the details you'll need while making your plans to join us.

Before the Program Begins

Fellows are expected to:

1. Follow-up with the invoice from the Belin-Blank Center.  

2. Complete all preliminary assignments for the Belin-Blank Talent Development Fellowship

The Preliminary Assignments (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

*Read Volume 1 of A Nation Empowered. A FREE pdf can be ordered at the following web address. (You may also order a paper copy for a fee at the same address.)

Cost & Financial Aid


Schools or school districts are responsible for a fee to help defray the costs of the Fellowship Program.The fee for Iowa schools is $200.00 and the fee for non-Iowa schools is $400.00

A generous endowment covers a majority of the remaining costs, including residence hall housing, breakfast and lunch (Monday through Thursday), dinner (Sunday and Tuesday night only), materials, access to the University of Iowa library, and presentations from leaders in gifted education.

Fellows are responsible for any travel, dinner (Monday and Wednesday), and personal spending.

Financial Aid

The Belin-Blank Center does NOT want cost to impact someone's ability to participate in the Fellowship. If the fee is problematic for a school, an application for financial assistance is available by emailing a request for one at

Academic Credit Options

Participants may earn two Iowa Licensure Renewal Units and/or two semester hours of university credit for the Belin-Blank Talent Development Fellowship. Both options require an additional fee. For details, contact

There is limited scholarship funding available for UI graduate credit. For details, contact

Daily Schedule

The Belin-Blank Talent Development Fellowship runs Sunday through Thursday. The Sunday session includes checking-in to the residence hall, a brief introductory session, and dinner. Because the Fellowship begin early on Monday morning, participants are asked to arrive on Sunday to allow for travel to campus. 

A complete schedule for the Belin-Blank Talent Development Fellowship will be released at least a week prior to its start.

Participants might have some work to do in the evenings, but this will be kept to a minimum.

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