Your Gift to the Belin-Blank Center

Philanthropy has been one of the wonderfully unique successes of the Belin-Blank Center. The founding of the Center and the history of the Center has been marked by the tremendous generosity of those who believe in providing opportunities for gifted students and their teachers. Our award winning building, the Blank Honors Center, was built through private donations.

Many of the programs for students and teachers are supported through private giving. It is your contribution that makes it possible for us to say “A student with ability will not be denied our services because of inability to pay.”

We have programs for students in the academics, the arts, and inventiveness. Our programs for teachers are comprehensive leading to skills in teaching gifted courses as well as Advanced Placement® (AP) courses. We also have an assessment and counseling clinic that provides psychological services to families and has a special focus on students who are twice-exceptional (giftedness and a disability).

The Center advocates for finding giftedness across all cultural groups, language learners, and socio-economic status. Our diversity programs honor the many facets of giftedness.

We welcome your participation in the future of the Belin-Blank Center. You may make a gift online (please see below).

To contribute to the Belin-Blank Center online please visit The University of Iowa Foundation.