Recognition of Excellence in Talent Development:
Global Professional Development

Global Professional Development coursework is designed to provide educators around the world with the knowledge and skills essential to helping high-ability students develop their talents. An educator who completes these credits will:

Integrate new understandings about appropriate assessment strategies to discover talent among all segments of the population into any existing policies for the identification of high-ability learners;

Nurture the complex cognitive and socioaffective needs of gifted and talented learners;

Suggest effective programs to support the idiosyncratic development of talent in multiple areas, from specific academic domains to leadership and the arts;

Provide recommendations about creating safe learning environments that support the development of intra- and interpersonal skills;

Inform colleagues and parents of talented students about various strategies that enhance content knowledge, higher-level thinking, and metacognitive skills;

Review the importance of different beliefs, traditions, and values that influence individual, family, school, and community attitudes toward talent development with those who influence educational policy and programs;

Effectively explain the role of the preassessment of learning needs, as well as the critical importance of adjusting both the pacing and complexity of the teaching/learning process;