The final semester hours in the Global Professional Development concentration are dedicated to the Practicum in Teaching and Curriculum Development in Gifted Education, a capstone experience. Generally, two semester hours of practicum—one at the elementary level and one at the secondary level—are required.

Practicum will allow participants an opportunity to demonstrate greater professional knowledge and skills developed throughout their coursework. Practicum includes core readings, as well as readings of choice essential to the completion of each participant’s individual goals/projects. The course incorporates either observations of high-ability children in meaningful settings or hands-on work with children in talent development programs. Each one semester hour of practicum includes approximately 15 “clock hours” of reading, 15 "clock hours" dedicated to goals and culminating in appropriate projects, and 15 "clock hours" observing or working with children in talent development programs.

Practicum experiences may be arranged in local settings, in combination with online interaction with the instructor; however, practicum participants are encouraged to arrange their practicum experiences at the Belin-Blank Center, allowing them to team teach with educators recognized for their excellence in both their content areas and interaction with high-ability students; arrangements can be made in either June or July for practica in talent development programs at the Center for various ages across the disciplines.