Bucksbaum Academy Students

Frequently Asked Questions about Early Entrance

The majority of students will enter the Academy at 16 years old. Applicants will generally have completed the equivalent of their sophomore year in high school before entering the program.

Your high school administration will decide if you are eligible for a high school diploma. Nearly all high schools will apply first-year college credit toward their graduation requirements, and the vast majority of students in our program obtain their high school diploma. We encourage students to explore options for meeting their high school’s requirements and can provide your high school with transcripts of your work at Iowa.

Students have the full support of staff at the Belin-Blank Center. They have regular individual meetings with a staff member, and also meet as a group for a weekly seminar in their first and second years. In addition, students have opportunities to attend social events organized by the program. There are many offices across campus that are also available to help, including the Academic Advising Center and Honors Program. The most important thing to remember is when you have a question or need something, ask…we'll help you find the answer.

Most of the requirements and programming occur during your first two years on campus. There are, however, many opportunities to remain connected with the Center throughout your career at Iowa.