Bucksbaum Academy Students

Structure & Support

The Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy includes the following structure and support:

  • A first-year weekly seminar with Belin-Blank Center staff. Topics in this seminar include study skills, learning styles, time management, communicating with faculty, study abroad opportunities, preparing for graduate school, and many other issues and topics associated with the successful transition to college.
  • A second-year seminar for students who enter two years early.
  • First-year students all live in Daum Hall, the honors residence hall. Daum is attached to the Blank Honors Center, which houses the Belin-Blank Center, through a skywalk. Also located in the Blank Honors Center is a computer lab, library, commons lounge, classrooms, and study rooms. Second-year students may live in any university residence hall.
  • During their first year, students have individual weekly meetings with a Belin-Blank Center graduate assistant to discuss any issues or questions they have as they begin their studies at Iowa.
  • The staff of the Belin-Blank Center provide advocacy for our students across campus. This advocacy continues throughout their time on campus. Advocacy comes in many forms from the B-BC, including letters of recommendation and connections to other offices across campus.
  • The Belin-Blank Center staff plan field trips, cultural and social events throughout the year. These events, which include theatre productions, dinner salons with university and Iowa city community members, and our annual graduation luncheon, provide opportunities for students to get to know our upperclass students as well as interact with each other and the staff of the Belin-Blank Center.
  • The Belin-Blank Center, students, and parents work together. Communication is open between all parties, and all are working towards a shared goal: the success of the student.