Curated Collections for Gifted Kids

Wouldn't it be great if you could convince your kids to swap out the gaming videos for something more productive? What if they had fun educational content that kept them just as engaged and entertained? We know that parents need options for moments of guilt-free reprieve right now. 

Drawing on our expertise about gifted and talented students' learning needs, we've curated fun and engaging online educational experiences specifically for them. Our staff tried these out with our own gifted kids at home, so we know yours will love them. Even better, we've negotiated deep discounts for our community, and we're passing the savings on to you.

Get a full year of access to three gifted kid-tested and parent-approved platforms for less than the cost of one. Soon, your kids will be begging you to learn.

What's Included

Night Zookeeper is a BAFTA Nominated creative writing platform that makes writing magical! It is designed for ages 6-12, but parents can adjust the difficulty to fit their child’s particular ability level.

Prodigy is a fun and enchanting math game for ages 5-14 that progresses to match your child’s ability level. It is research-supported, curriculum-aligned, and kid-approved!

BrainPOP uses engaging characters, game-based learning, depth, and humor to inspire kids on their unique learning paths. We recommend it for gifted elementary school students, but middle school students will likely enjoy it, as well.

"Night Zookeeper is a wonderful resource. In fact, it's the best my children have ever used and the most motivating by far. They want to work on it all day!"

Amelia, Parent of 7- & 9-year-old

"My boys love to play Prodigy. It's fun and challenging at the same time. My kindergartner is working at a 1st grade level and is doing great! Definitely recommend this to all parents!"

Heather E. Prodigy Parent

"BrainPOP helps you learn in very fun way. It has cool characters and it always has a funny quote at the end. It makes sure to give you the details of the details!"

Charlotte, 8 years old

Order Now!

You’ll get year-long paid memberships to NightZookeeper and Prodigy for just $79 total - a savings of over $100 from list prices. Plus, you’ll get a 20% off code for BrainPOP!

This collection will be available for purchase through March 26th. Once the purchase window closes, you'll receive access to the items in the collection within 10 business days via email.

The purchase window has closed.

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