Invent Iowa!

Have you noticed someone having a problem that you think you can fix? Do you have an idea for a product that will make the world a better place? Invent Iowa is the state's foremost competition for budding inventors and entrepreneurs! K-12 students can submit their inventions for a chance to show them off at the state invention convention. If you win big here, you'll earn a spot to represent Iowa at the Invention Convention Worldwide, where you will learn more about the invention process and compete for exciting prizes!

About the Program

Iowa Inventors can participate in the 2023 Online Independent Inventors Program hosted by The Henry Ford. There will not be an in-person State Invention Convention. If you plan to participate in the Independent Inventors Program, be sure to mark your calendars for these important dates.

Independent Inventor Program:

  • March 1-22, 2023: Registration is open
  • March 29 - April 7, 2023: Independent Inventors Program Competition held online. Details coming soon!
  • April 11, 2023: Notification of winners

How to Participate

For questions on how to participate in the Independent Inventors Program, contact Invention Convention Worldwide.


Students in public, nonpublic, home schools, or in after school programs are welcome to participate, as are students who are working independently.


Judges will use the Invention Convention U.S. Nationals Rubric. The top winners of the Independent Inventor's Program will be invited to attend the Virtual Invention Convention U.S. Nationals!

Submitting Your Invention

To register: 

  • Each inventor will register through the Z-Fairs registration system (link will be provided once registration opens)
  • Provide information about the inventor and their invention
  • Pay registration fee

How to Prepare

For questions on how to prepare for the Independent Inventors Program, contact Invention Convention Worldwide.

Local Invention Convention

Schools and groups are encouraged to organize local invention conventions to provide students with the opportunity to share their inventions and receive direct feedback. However, participation in a local convention is not a prerequisite for submitting an invention application to the Independent Inventors Program. Individual students have the option to enter without going through a school program.

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