All schools must re-register online for each new school year.

Middle school students should have above-level test scores before registering for IOAPA courses.

Registration is a 3-step process:

  1. Register your school and assign a site coordinator and mentor. The first step is for principals to Mentor Designation Form in order to receive a stipend..
    1. For spring semester courses, if a school has already registered during the current academic year: Schools may skip step 1 if they have already registered for the current academic year. Visit the registration link, and you will then be redirected to step 2 (student nomination).
  2. Nominate the student(s) taking IOAPA course(s). Completing the school registration page sends the principal an automated email with a link in it to nominate the student. The principal either needs to complete the nomination or forward the link to the site coordinator or mentor to complete.
  3. Confirm that student has self-enrolled in the course. Once the student has been nominated, an email will be automatically sent to the student to enroll himself/herself in the actual course. Be sure to have students check their junk mail folders, as the automated emails sometimes get filtered there. Students should complete this step and be sure to click submit when they’re done.

Please contact the Belin-Blank Center if you have changes in your Principal, Site Coordinator, or Mentor. Your school’s site coordinator and mentor should be confirmed as part of the registration process, before classes begin.

After completing the registration and enrollment processes, students and school personnel should receive log-in information for the course sites. For assistance, please contact the Iowa Online AP® Academy secretary, Lori Hudson (

After registering, be sure to complete any College Board requirements for offering AP® courses:

  1. Register your school with the College Board.
  2. Complete the AP® Course Audit process for Online/Distance Learning courses by January 31 in order to be able to label courses as “AP” on students’ transcripts.
  3. Encourage high school students to take the AP® exam, and order all AP® exams by April 15.

NOTE: IOAPA online AP® courses are provided as an option for Advanced Placement® courses that are not available at the school site. These courses are not intended to replace classes taught at the school site, nor are they intended to be a “virtual school” apart from the school program. Schools with more than six students interested in a particular course are encouraged to offer that course on-site.