We believe academic talents deserve to be celebrated, in much the same way that athletic or musical talents are celebrated! The Belin-Blank Center’s annual Recognition Ceremony honors the accomplishments of high-ability students and the teachers who have made a difference in their lives.

About the Ceremony

Hundreds of qualifying students from across the country are invited annually to the Belin-Blank Center’s Recognition Ceremony.  These students may have:​

  • Earned a high score on a test through Academic Talent Search
  • Completed one of our selective summer programs​​
  • Received special recognition in one of our programs​

Each honored student has the opportunity to select an educator who has had a profound impact on that student. The teacher is invited to attend the Recognition Ceremony, cross the stage with his/her student, and receive an award.

This event is on hiatus for 2023.

Attending the Ceremony

The day's celebrations take place in two phases. First, the Belin-Blank Center Showcase highlights our many programs and activities, as well as select work from some of our talented students! Guests enjoy beverages and a chance to browse the opportunities they have through the Belin-Blank Center to develop their talents. Don't forget to have your picture taken with Herky the Hawk!

Following the Showcase, the students and teachers are given seats of honor at the Recognition Ceremony, while proud friends and family members watch them be honored for their achievements by the Belin-Blank Center director and University of Iowa administrators.

After the Ceremony

You can download a press release and download and print your student's certificate.

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