What is the Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony?

The Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony is held each year and is an opportunity to celebrate students who have received special recognition at the Belin-Blank Center, along with their honored teachers.

Who is recognized?

  • Students
    Select students (grades 4-12) who either, 1) earned top scores in the Belin-Blank Exceptional Student Talent Search (BESTS), 2) were selected to one of our selective programs, or 3) received special recognition in a Belin-Blank Center program.
  • Teachers
    Each honored student is given the opportunity to select an educator who has had a profound impact on that student. The teacher is invited to attend the Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony, to cross the stage with his/her student, and to receive an award.

How many students and teachers are honored?

Over 400 students and teachers from throughout Iowa and the country are invited to participate in the annual Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony.

When and where is the Recognition Ceremony?

Sunday, October 6, 2019, in the Main Lounge of the University of Iowa's Memorial Union. If you have been invited and RSVP'd Yes, you will receive a reminder email roughly a week before the ceremony.

When is check-in?

Check-in begins at 12:30PM in the Hubbard Commons and is followed by the B-BC Showcase in the 2nd floor Ballroom, IMU.

What is the B-BC Showcase?

The Showcase will highlight the many programs and activities of the B-BC as well as provide beverages and an opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments of the students, teachers, and staff of the Belin-Blank Center. Don't forget to have your picture taken with Herky, The Hawk!

How will I know if I am invited to attend?

Students and teachers will receive a special invitation email directing you to the registration URL.

What if I cannot find my email invitation?

You may email recognition@belinblank.org to confirm your invitation. If applicable, you will be provided the information you need to respond online.

Should I contact the teacher I want to invite?

We encourage you to contact the teacher you wish to honor. Making arrangements for attending the ceremony are the responsibility of the family and the teacher.

If I'm not able to attend, do I need to respond to the invitation anyway?

Yes, please. Students may invite teachers to be honored at the Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony even if the student is not able to attend.

What if I am not able to attend the Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony?

Invited students who are unable to attend the Recognition Ceremony can print out a personalized certificate of recognition (check back for the link to do this). Awards will be presented to attendees only.

Will newspapers receive information about my invitation to the Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony?

We encourage you to submit a press release on your behalf to your local paper. A template is coming soon.

From where are the students coming?

The Belin-Blank Center serves students and teachers from across the nation. The majority of the students will be from Iowa, primarily because several of the scholarship and merit programs are only available to Iowa students. However, we have students and teachers travel from all parts of the U.S.!

Who else may attend the Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony?

Seating in the Iowa Memorial Union is limited; therefore each honored student may invite two guests, and each honored teacher may invite one guest.