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Assessment and Counseling Clinic Assessment & Counseling

For Grades 0 through 12

The Assessment and Counseling Clinic serves high-ability and twice-exceptional students.

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Blast Classes

For Grades 2 through 6

The Blast program is designed to challenge students in their areas of interest and strength. Students who are in grades 2-6 during the current academic year may attend.

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Invent Iowa Competitions

For Grades 0 through 12

Invent Iowa is a comprehensive, statewide program developed to support educators in promoting the invention process as part of their regular kindergarten through high school curriculum.

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IOAPA Classes

For Grades 6 through 9

The Iowa Online Advanced Placement Academy (IOAPA) provides online learning opportunities for high-ability students.

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JSI Classes

For Grades 6 through 8

Students who are currently in grades 6-8 may nominate themselves for the Junior Scholars Institute (JSI), a one-week residential summer academic program at The University of Iowa for Belin-Blank Center students.

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Recognition Ceremony Events

For Grades 4 through 12

The Belin-Blank Center Recognition Ceremony is held each year and is an opportunity to acknowledge those students who earned top scores in the Belin-Blank Exceptional Student Talent Search (BESTS), were selected to one of our scholarship programs, or received special recognition in a Belin-Blank Center program.

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WINGS Classes

For Grades 2 through 8

The Weekend Institute for Gifted Students (WINGS) consists of half day enrichment opportunities for elementary and junior high students (grades 2-8) that take place on the University of Iowa campus.

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